How We Started

Siblings. They can be the first one to put the blame on each other for minor incidents. Yet, they are the first ones to come to each other’s side when they’re in trouble. They look up to each other…they look out for each other. They are mentors to each other and best friends.

Imagine yourself as a child, being taken away from your parents and separated from your siblings while placed in a foster care home. Imagine yourself as a parent, having your children taken away from you and separated from each other while they are placed in foster care. Hard to imagine!

Camp To Belong is a national non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to reuniting siblings placed in separate foster homes and other out of home care for events of fun, emotional empowerment and sibling connection. Founded in Las Vegas in the summer of 1995 by Lynn Price (biography), Camp To Belong Summer Camp was created to offer siblings in foster care and other out of home care the opportunity to create lifetime memories.

The flagship events are our week long summer camps. The Camp To Belong Summer Camp Program is approaching it’s 20th camp season and has reunited over 9,000 siblings at camps and reunions since 1995. Camp To Belong Summer Camp is the first and premiere program of this type in the United States and around the world, and it continues to expand across the country and the globe.

CTB is headquartered in California, and we accept applicants for campers and volunteer counselors from all over the country. Thanks to donations from individuals and the support of corporations, service organizations, foundations and grants, Camp To Belong’s outreach is growing.

With requests to have Camp To Belong Summer Camp in states across the US and beyond, Camp To Belong is working hard to secure necessary funds to meet these requests. If you are interested in becoming a Camp To Belong affiliate and bringing our Summer Camp Program to your state or country, please contact us at

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