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About Us

Camp to Belong-New York (CTB-NY) is a five-day camp for children ages 9 to 15.  Hosted by Parsons Child and Family Center, the week takes place at the YMCA’s Camp Chingachgook in Lake George NY.  Some of the benefits of CTB-NY include lifetime memories, state-wide eligibility – with campers coming from Buffalo, Long Island, Malone and everywhere in-between and specially trained supervision from camp staff consisting of Parsons Child and Family Center employees.  Caseworker, caregivers, and agency staff from anywhere in New York can submit an application for a group of siblings to attend the week of camp.


Campers join CTB-NY through a referral process, which is made by a case worker.  Referrals give an understanding of the family groups interested in coming to camp.


Camp to Belong would not be possible without the individuals who share the passion of reuniting siblings.  We are always in need of volunteers in the following areas:

  • Day Volunteer

Day Volunteers help CTB-NY staff, Chingachgook staff, and the campers with daily camp activities.

  • Event Volunteers

Event volunteers help for one signature Camp to Belong events, such as the Birthday Party, the camper’s Service Learning Project, Sibling Pillows, or Scrapbooking.  These events help them create strong sibling connections and are very special to Camp to Belong.  Volunteers would come to Chingachgook for the duration of the specific event.

Contact Us

For any questions, comments, or referrals please contact Joanne Trinkle via email at


Q: How far away can campers come from?

A: Anywhere in New York State.

Q: Where would my camper stay?

A: Campers are housed in cabins of 8-10 campers with 2-3 counselors in each cabin.

Q: What kind of medical support is provided?

A: The camp partner, Camp Chingachgook, has 24/7 nursing support.

Q: What kind of accessibility is at the camp?

A: The grounds are not wheelchair accessible but a variety of physical disabilities can be accommodated – contact Joanne with specific circumstances.

Q: My camper has a food allergy, can they still come?

A: Accommodations can be made for food and other allergies.

Q: How much does camp cost?

A: The cost is per camper and is set on a sliding scale fee with $800 as the maximum fee per camper.  Campers will not be denied based on their ability to pay.

Q: What kind of bedding does my camper need to bring?

A: Camp to Belong provides sheets and quilts; the campers need to bring a pillow

Q: What supplies does my camper need?

A: A list of what to bring will be provided when campers are accepted.

Q: What makes a camper eligible?

A: Siblings separated by the foster care system but not all siblings must be in foster care.  We have met sibling sets of 2-7 campers.

Q: What will a camper experience at camp?

A: Camp Chingagchook on Lake George provides the full camp experience in cabins as well as out.  There are campfires, group meals, swimming, canoeing, a climbing wall and much more. Parsons Child and Family Center provides an on site support team to work with sibling sets to further develop their relationship. Each day includes exclusive sibling enhancement activities and events as well as time spent integrated in cabins and in skills classes with campers from all walks of life.   When considering referring campers, please consider whether the brothers and sisters will benefit from a week long overnight camp experience.

Q: What is the process to become a camper?

A: Referral is made, committee reviews all referrals, once accepted, full application is due including updated physical and signed consent forms.  To make a referral  please contact

Jillian Gecewicz phone: 518-426-2660   email:

Q: How to I get to camp?

A: For directions or more info on site partner please visit their website:



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